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The ICOM AV-1 Antenna for Base Stations, Frequency 118 to 137 MHz

AV-1 Base Station Antenna

ICOM AV-1 Base Station Antenna

Frequency 118 to 137 MHz
The AV-1 is a base station antenna for comminucations with ground vehicles or aircraft. It has heavy-duty construction with 3/8" diameter aluminum radials, a 1" diameter aluminum tube radiator, and is iridite-treated for durability. It mounts easily to a 1" diameter pipe or a 1-1/4" O.D. tube with locking set screws. A built-in gap-type lighting arrestor is an important design feature. The antenna requires no additional tuning and is designed to withstand windspeeds of up 100 mph.

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Manufactured by ICOM

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