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Celebrating 18 years!  Touch and Go Pilot Supply Pilot Shop is a leading online retailer of pilot supplies located at Texas Flight Services at Hooks Airport in Houston, TX.  
Free shipping on all orders over $75 within the Continental U.S.! 
Drone Training Class now offered at Texas Flight Services at Hooks Airport  (DWH).  
Ground Class to prepare for Part 107 includes study guide and 5 practice tests.  Lunch and drinks included.  FAA Remote PIC TEST administered on site.
Date:  TBD, 2021.  Saturday will involve classroom training from
 9-5 pm with classwork review and written exams scheduled the following day or at your convenience.   Classes fill up fast so please call to reserve,
Call us at 877-627-8395 or Texas Flight Services for more info (832) 717-0766.

Product Spotlight

Flightline VHF Aircraft Transceiver Radio - FL-760A with Push to Talk feature and audio inputs are separate for pilot and co-pilot. Freq Range 118-137 MHZ with a 5 watt transmitter and 11 - 33 volt power supply. Built in 2-place VOX intercome is sensitive and perfect for small aircraft cockpits. Single 121.50 emergency frequency only button.  Ideal for noisy cockpits providing very clear reception, minimal squelch and clear output.  $679.00 Free Shipping

ICOM A16 Airband Transceiver -   Handheld VHF Com Airband Transceiver. Li-Ion Battery that lasts over 17 hours, sit in rapid charger. $224.00 with Free Ground Shipping

Airport Safety Wands - For managing traffic, crowd control & more.  These safety wands are extremely durable, with bright 1/2 red LED light,  feature on/off or on/off/flash.   13",  2 "C" batteries $11.95 each.   NEW~ Try the new 13" SLIM Airport Safety Wands On/Off only, 2 AA batteries measuring 13/5" x 1" $9.95     

      ---------FEATURED PILOT SUPPLIES---------

E-04 ELT Battery
ACK E-04 ELT Battery
Our Price: $199.00
Airport Safety Wand Yellow 13
Airport Safety Wand Yellow 13" On/Off
List Price: $17.95
Our Price: $11.95
tax free
Avcomm 200 PNR Headset
AvComm-200V2 Best Value PNR Headset
List Price: $154.95
Our Price: $129.97
Flightline FL-760 VHF Comm Panel Mount Transceiver
Flightline FL-760A VHF Comm Panel Mount Transceiver
List Price: $725.00
Our Price: $679.00
free shipping
ICOM A120 VHF Airband Transceiver
ICOM A120 VHF Airband Transceiver - Vehicle Mount
List Price: $999.00
Our Price: $849.00
tax free
ICOM A16 VHF Com Airband Transceiver
ICOM A16 VHF Com Airband Transceiver
List Price: $405.00
Our Price: $224.00
free shipping tax free
Touch & Go Pilot Supply stands by a 30 day money back guarantee on all pilot supplies including aviation headsets, flight bags, aviation sunglasses, pilot training kits, aviation transceivers and more from top manufacturers like ASA, Jeppesen, David Clark, Gleim, Alpha Industries, Noral, ICOM, Vertex, Flyboys, Flightcom and more
Our selection of discount pilot supplies includes:

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