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Artex 455-6613
Artex ME406P System W/110-338 Ant
The Artex ME406P System W/110-338 Antenna is a portable, single-output ELT that transmits a 406 MHz emergency signal.
Our Price: $3,599.00

Detailed Description

Artex's ME-406P is a portable, single-output ELT that transmits a 406 MHz emergency signal to the Cospas/Sarsat satellites and a local 121.5 homing signal - all using the same RF output and one coax cable. In the event of a crash, the ELT automatically activates and proceeds to transmit a continuous swept tone of 121.5 MHz. As the ELT activates, the 406 MHz transmitter sends an encoded 5-watt signal to the Cospas Sarsat system every 50 seconds for 440 milliseconds to alert Search and Rescue.

  • Provides single antenna output for both 121.5 and 406 MHz frequencies
  • The included wrap-around auxiliary antenna allows users to move away from the aircraft and continue transmitting once the ELT is removed from the aircraft
  • An attached lanyard allows users to secure the ELT to a person or object
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Mounting hardware is compatible with all previous models of the Artex 406 MHz ELT products as well as the ELT200 series, ACK Pointer Model 3000, and Narco ELTs
  • Includes transmitter, 3-frequency 110-338 rod antenna, 2 frequency, portable 110-775 antenna, install kit, remote switch kit, mounting tray, buzzer, 6ft coax cable/BNC connector, operation, install and maintenance manuals
  • 6-year battery life

Weight:  2.05 lbs with tray

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