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Brightline B7 Echo Flight Bag
Free Shipping! The B7 FLIGHT ECHO is perhaps the most useful flight bag ever designed. Some days you need more gear than others. The B7 lets you carry a full set of flight gear and then it lets you downsize to a smaller bag when necessary.
Our Price: $249.00

Detailed Description

The B7 Echo Flight bag designed specifically for airline pilots and is perhaps the most useful flight bag every developed.  The B7 FLIGHT also works amazingly well as a daily personal bag and/or as a commercial carry-on bag. A 13" laptop plus a load of documentation plus an iPad, plus all the small stuff like cables, adapters batteries, and support stuff for all your technology, your digital camera, snacks, etc - all of this fits easily in this bag. Even your noise-reduction headset for those long flights.
Comprised of the following sections:
  • Pocket Cap Front
  • CS4                 
  • CS3                 
  • Flat Cap Rear
  • Side Pocket Foxtrot
  • Side Pocket ECHO
  • Main Handle 
  • Shoulder Strap

    Exterior Dimensions: 14” x 13” x 10.5”

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