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Aircraft Auxiliary Power Units - APU

Over the past 10 years aircraft avionics have become increasingly powerful offering glass cockpits, moving maps and various data bases of information for the pilot to compute. The benefit of this new technology is immense, allowing direct routes, precision approaches into many backwood airports and the overall situational awareness. At the same time, all of this additional equipment can divert the pilots attention away from the most important task, which is flying the aircraft. "Safety" is and will always rank #1 in every aviation situation.

Unfortunately the avionics cannot be powered up until the aircraft engine is started and stabilized. Then precious time and money can be wasted testing and programming the avionics while the hobbs meter is running. The answer is to plug your aircraft into an
auxiliary power unit (APU). Bycan Systems Corporation has designed a series of low cost power units that plug directly into the APU receptacle on the aircaft. The Red Baron series are designed to operate all of the avonics equipment without starting the aircraft.

Auxiliary Power Units are being used by everyday pilots who wish to progam or run their aircraft avionics before start up. Flight training schools love the fact that they can teach students how to operate GPS units while still safely situated on the ground. Static displays and airshows also use APU units to demonstrate their full array of equipment while parked or hangered.

As aviation takes this next technology leap, pilots must stay focused on the number one priority which is to fly the aircarft safely and not become fixated on the avionics. Aircraft Auxiliary Units are an important tool to allow the avionics set-up and programming to be performed prior to start- up.


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