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Aircraft Flight Log
The perfect tool for aircraft owners and aircraft flown by multiple pilots. The Aircraft Flight Log keeps track of the care and use of an individual aircraft. This new version now contains an entry for tracking GPS database updates.
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Detailed Description

Spiral-bound and perfectly sized to fit in an aircraft glove box or chart pocket, this Aircraft Flight Log Logbook is a quick reference to the recent history of the airplane so pilots have immediate access to the airplane's records without needing to dig through logbooks usually kept in the maintenance hangar. The Aircraft Flight Log fills a gap in aircraft records for pilots, and instantly allows them to know the status of the aircraft they are about to fly.  This new version now contains an entry for tracking GPS database updates.

Formatted for ease of use, the Aircraft Flight Log features areas for the pilot-in-command to log:

  • out/in operating time
  • destination and purpose of flight
  • squawks
  • if oil was added
  • inspections performed (VOR, pitot-static, ELT), and
  • when an oil change, 100-hour, and annual inspection is due.

    This allows pilots in the following flights to quickly familiarize themselves with the airplane and be warned of potential problems. The Aircraft Flight Log offers a means for the previous pilot to “speak” to the following pilot of details about the operating characteristics; something not always possible as pilots dont typically have the opportunity to personally hand the keys to the next pilot. The Aircraft Flight Log is also useful for tracking operations for taxes as well as monitoring oil consumption.

    The inside of the Aircraft Flight Log can be personalized for each aircraft, with places to note N-number, type of aircraft, serial numbers of the airframe and engine(s), and the date of purchase. Contact information is prominently displayed for owner information should the log be misplaced, and there is a section detailing the date the log begins and ends, along with engine tach information.
    ASA Aircraft Flight Log Size: 5" x 7 1/8"
    96 pages.

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