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ACR Artex 8107
Artex ELT 345 GPS Compact Kit with Whip Antenna
The ELT 345 Compact Kit (# 8107) includes a 15-inch black whip antenna, standard 2-wire remote switch, buzzer, mounting tray, 6 ft BNC to BNC coax cable, and install kit.
Our Price: $899.00

Detailed Description

Due to the dimensions of this box, this item does not qualify for free shipping.  Please choose another shipping method accordingly. Installation kit included.

The ARTEX ELT 345 transmits on 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz frequencies and can provide position accuracy with an optional GPS input thanks to the built-in GPS navigational interface. GPS data is embedded from the first emergency transmission and provides Search and Rescue personnel with the aircraft location, within 100 meters, in less than a minute. 

This unit can be activated manually with (remote switch or ELT switch) or automatically (the G-switch detects a 2.3G or greater impact). Once activated, the ELT 345 transmits a 406 MHz signal with the beacon's unique registration information and embedded GPS coordinates to the closest search and rescue agency via the Cospas-Sarsat satellite system. The beacon also transmits a 121.5 MHz homing signal to assist search and rescue to pinpoint the aircraft's GPS location. 

The ELT 345 provides a quick-and-easy retrofit opportunity with flexible installation options (standard or slim style two-wire remote switch). The ELT utilizes the same RF output using only one coax cable to transmit both 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz signals through either a 15- or 23-inch whip antenna. The ELT's built-in navigational interface does not require aircraft power to operate—which results in lower installation costs—and the stainless steel mounting bracket supplied with the unit has a multiple hole mounting pattern to accommodate legacy footprints. 


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