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ASA Test Prep FAQ

Why do the ASA books have so many more questions than the FAA website ?


The FAA website only includes samples of typical questions. They do not provide the complete database of FAA Knowledge Exam questions. The ASA test prep materials include a much wider sampling of the questions you may be asked during your official test at the FAA testing centers. All of the questions you find in the ASA materials are true candidates for your test; you should study them as directed in the instructions to ensure your preparedness for the test.


Why did I get questions on my test that were not in the Test Prep book ?


The FAA updates the question databases three times a year (February, June, and October). In order to provide you with the most current information, we must review the changes the FAA makes, and then publish them. This takes a little bit of time (usually a few weeks). If you take your test after the FAA has made the changes, but before we make the changes to our database, there is a chance you will see a new or changed question we have not yet published.


How can I get updates for my Test Prep book ?


To stay as current as possible, visit ASA’s Test Update page. There, you can sign up for email notification of future updates, and also obtain the current updates.  


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