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ASA Test Prepware FAQ
• Why does the ASA prepware have so many more questions than the FAA website ?

The FAA website only includes samples of typical questions. They do not provide the complete database of FAA Knowledge Exam questions. The ASA prepware materials include a much wider sampling of the questions you may be asked during your official test at the FAA testing centers. All of the questions you find in the ASA materials are true candidates for your test; you should study them as directed in the instructions to ensure your preparedness for the test.

• Why do I always get a lot of the same questions when I take a test in Prepware ?

Prepware generates questions in a random manner, just like the actual FAA knowledge exam does. However, because of the way the tests are structured, you may get some of the same questions on a new test.

Consider the Private Pilot Knowledge Exam. There are 11 areas of concentration within the exam. Each of these areas has a different number of possible questions you could be asked on your test: Basic Aerodynamics (44), Aircraft Systems(45), Flight Instruments (57), Regulations (153), etc.
A certain percentage of questions will be drawn from each area. So, if 10% of your test questions are to be on Basic Aerodynamics, the system will choose 6 questions from the 44 questions in that section. Likewise, if 10% of your test questions are to be on Regulations, the system will choose 6 questions from the 153 questions in that section.

As you can see, even though the test is generated randomly, the likelihood of you receiving the same questions from the Basic Aerodynamics section is higher than that of the Regulations section.

• Why were there questions on my test that were not in Prepware ?

The FAA updates the question databases three times a year (February, June, and October). In order to provide you with the most current information, we must review the changes the FAA makes, and then publish them. This takes a little bit of time (usually a few weeks) If you take your test after the FAA has made the changes, but before we make the changes to our database, there is a chance you will see a new or changed question we have not yet published.

To stay as current as possible, you should obtain updates, by choosing "Check For Updates" in the Help menu within Prepware.

• I am having trouble getting prepware to work on my Mac. How can I fix this?

If you are having problems with installing the program, or getting it to run, there are a few common issues you can check out before giving us a call:

  1. Confirm that your computer meets the system requirements for the version of Prepware you have (Prepware 2011 requires OS X 10.5 or higher)
  2. Often times people move the program out of it's folder in an attempt to create a shortcut. If you have done this, you can try putting it back, and use your computer's Help menu to find out how to correctly create a shortcut. If putting it back doesn't work, you may need to call customer service.
  3. Make sure the disk is not in the computer when you attempt to put in the activation code.
  4. Double, and then Triple check your activation code. 95% of the time an activation code presents a red X, it is due to the code being entered incorrectly. Enter the code exactly as it appears, including the dashes, and with no spaces. If you received your code via email, copy and paste it into the box to reduce the chance of error.

For further assistance, contact customer service at 1-800-ASA-2-FLY

• Where can I find a record of the tests I've taken ?

Your test results are stored in the Performance menu. Click on "Performance" and choose “Open Test Performance History”. Here you will see a performance history of the tests you have taken.

• Why doesn't Prepware fit on my screen ?

There are particular screen settings and system requirements for prepware to run properly. First, confirm that your operating system will support the version of software you are using. You can find this information on the back of the cd packaging, or in the User's Guide. Also, make sure your screen resolution is set to a minimum of 1024x768 and the dpi is set to 96. If you still have problems, contact ASA’s Tech Support.

• What is the difference between Prepware and Prepware for iPhone ?

The full desktop version of Prepware is a comprehensive study and test utility. Test mode allows you to take timed tests, and to email scores from those tests to receive an endorsement. It also has a study mode, which provides the ability to select questions by subject or to search the full database. It is supported with a study guide for review, as well as explanations of the answers. Also included; the QuizMaker tool for creating customized quizzes, recording of your performance history, and the ability to re-test missed questions.

The Prepware Apps for iPhone and iPad provide many, though not all, of the functions available in the full desktop version and is therefore best suited as a supplement rather than a stand-alone study program. This application also has test and study modes. Study mode allows you to choose an area of study, review all related questions, and receive immediate feedback as to the accuracy of your answer. Explanations are provided on demand, so you may review as you work your way through the study session. Test mode offers a set number of test questions, grades your test, and when completed, provides a review of all test questions, correct and incorrect answers, and a score. Performance History is not saved beyond the current test, as it is in the full desktop version, and completed tests cannot be submitted to obtain an endorsement.

• Does Prepware contain all of the FAA questions ?

While it is true the FAA no longer makes the complete database of questions available to the public, ASA has been providing FAA Knowledge Exam preparation materials for more than 40 years. It is this experience and close interaction with the tests that help us maintain a true representation of the tests for your studying purposes. We have the largest sample of representative questions available – much more than what you might find in the FAA’s public data or in any competitive product. When used with a comprehensive ground school (class, DVD, textbook, etc.), ASA materials will prepare you for your test.


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