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AvComm AC-900 PNR Stereo Headset
The AvComm AC-900 PNR Aviation Headset is a premium stereo aviation headset with flex boom, deluxe gel ear seals and PTT.
List Price: $280.35
Our Price: $219.95

Detailed Description

The AvComm AC-900 PNR Aviation Headset is a classic with racing green ear cups and AVCOMM's exclusive patented PNR technology.  It has improved design and these latest enhancements make the AC 900 PNR the premium choice in the AVCOMM headset lineup. Pilots and passengers everywhere are praising the features and benefits, claiming its comfort and performance surpass anything they've used before.

Key Features of this AvComm Headset:
  • Patented PNR audio technology and full spectrum stereo response
  • Ultra-lite Neodymium speakers
  • M-65 microphone with "active filtering" chip
  • Full flex boom
  • Built-in push-to-talk
  • Mono-stereo switch built into the cord
  • Each ear cup features an independent volume control
  • Deluxe comfort package with deluxe gel ear seals
  • Full five-year warranty

    The powerful, ultra-lite Neodymium speakers produce a richer, smoother frequency response for both voice and music. The powerful magnetic core and diaphragm provide high sensitivity and optimized response.

    The speaker, a thin lightweight 4/10th's of an ounce, reduces headset weight for added comfort. The advanced speaker installation technique enhances audio performance, reduces annoying inner ear cup vibrations and increases noise attenuation. The M-65 microphone with ceramic hybrid active filtering chip eliminates up to 75% of unwanted background noise while amplifying desired voice signals. Additionally, the preamp circuit is immune to environmental changes, will not corrode, and has a much longer life than conventional PCB based products.

    Unique features include a full flex boom which bends and holds any position easily for precise microphone placement. A push-to-talk on the ear dome is a favorite feature for anyone who would appreciate a backup PTT. This addition allows easy and effortless transmission without reaching for the controls. Dual volume controls provide pilots and passengers more control for customizing personal audio preference. And new this year, a switch built into the cord allows independent volume control in either mono or stereo on either ear dome a benefit for those with hearing loss.

    Durable copper wire with spiral shielding eliminates RF interference while a polyurethane cover adds abrasion resistance and flexibility. Additional AC 900 PNR Stereo Aviation Headset features include: gold plated mic and headphone plugs, high impact ABS ear cups, easy-to-adjust stainless steel headband with easy thumbnut adjustment, deluxe comfort headpad, deluxe gel ear seals, jumbo acoustic foam ear seals, 100% cotton ear covers, acoustic mic muff to protect the new microphone from moisture and wind noise, plus a full five-year factory warranty.

    For more information about AvComm's PNR Technology as well as a comparison chart of AvComm PNR Headsets, click our AvComm PNR Headset link.

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