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Benefits of Pilot Training Kits
Whether you’re just starting flying lessons, are preparing for the FAA exam or are renewing an expired license, Pilot Training Kits provide value to aviation students for a number of reasons.  We’ll explore that further but, in a nutshell, each kit is professionally and specifically designed for a particular license or endorsement and all the books and supplies needed for core aeronautical knowledge are included. 

Buying the required pilot supplies and materials individually can be costly, especially if you are just starting out.   Couple this with the cost of flying lessons and it’s best to take an economical approach to your newfound hobby or career goal whenever possible.  Purchasing the kit recommended by your flight instructor or flying school can save you dollars as well as ensure that you are totally prepared with all the correct materials for each lesson. 

There are many manufacturers of pilot training kits and the best known and most established include ASA, Jeppesen and Gleim.  Be sure to follow the recommendation of your flight school so that you are in sync with your instructor and class – there is a kit available for every rating, including Helicopter Pilot Training.   Personalized flight training kits for flight schools are available to meet specific training needs or if some materials seem to work better in your experience.  This provides the option to mix manufacturer’s materials or particular supplies if some are preferred over others.  Please contact us directly and we will be happy to work with you to meet your specific needs. 

The contents vary with the license or endorsement but typically include a number of ground school books in order to prepare for the FAA Knowledge exam, oral and practical exams as well as the flight test or check ride.  Typical materials include FAA materials such as a FAR/AIM, textbook, syllabus, test prep book, oral exam guide, practical test standard requirements, and various pilot supplies appropriate to the training level and requirements.  For example, Private Pilot Training kit supplies typically include a logbook, plotter and flight computer.  Most kits even include a flight bag which is a great way to keep organized.

Recently, the trend has been moving toward replacing traditional ground school books with digital downloads in an eBook format, now known as Flight Training eKits.   This is a great solution for both instructors and students looking for an updated training solution.  These have arrived on the market recently are definitely becoming more popular.   Included in the box is a Redeem Code in order to access and download for use.  These can typically be downloaded on your PC, Mac, tablet, iPad or mobile device.  Prior to purchase, it is important to ensure that the download is compatible with your operating system and the minimum technical requirements are clearly provided on each product description.

It is clear that the easiest and most economical approach to gaining your license or that next endorsement is through pilot training kits.   They contain all the FAA books, texbooks and test prep materials you’ll need to prepare for success.  


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