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Pilot USA PA-86BLU/H
BluLink Cell Phone Adapter Helicopter
BluLink allows you to use your Bluetooth cell phone and any music source wirelessly in the cockpit.
Our Price: $275.00

Detailed Description

BluLink allows you to use your Bluetooth cell phone and any music source wirelessly in the cockpit. You can use your existing general aviation, helicopter or Bose panel mount aviation headset with BluLink. No more tucking your cell phone under your headset or adapters with various additional cords and adapters. The BluLink will work with any cell phone with Bluetooth version 2.0 or lower.

Additionally, the BluLink system is failsafe, which means in the event of loss of battery or malfunction of circuitry, you always have a direct connection to your aircraft's communications system.

Great for filing a flight plan, checking weather, calling for fuel, getting a clearance at an uncontrolled field, calling a taxi, voiding a flight plan, closing a VFR flight plan, calling for a taxi. Primary communications for experimental and ultralight pilots.

Specs of the BluLink Cell Phone Adapter GA

  • Works with 2 AA Akaline Bateries
  • 25 hours of usage
  • Fail safe communication to ATC regardless of battery power
  • Soft mute during ATC function mode and no mute mode
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