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Brightline B0 Slim
Brightline's B0 Slim is a super thin bag for tablets, documents and personal items. It keeps things separate and organized. Call it the iPad Bag or Man Purse!
Our Price: $139.00

Detailed Description

The B0 Slim (B-Zero SLIM) is a clever daily bag for iPads, Ultrabooks, various technology and personal items.  This allows for organization of small things and paperwork and allows for the ability to build into other configurations.

This flight bag in the Brightline series is obviously the thinnest possible FLEX SYSTEM configuration. We sometimes call this bag "The iPad bag" because it works so well as an ultra-thin computing and personal bag - a "man purse" if preferred.

The B-zero is simply the POCKET CAP FRONT and the FLAT CAP REAR modules zipped together. It has no definable interior storage dimensions since it is just two End Caps put right against each other, but the flexible nature of the parts allows one-half inch to three-quarters inch of flat items to fit inside between the modules.

The iPad (or other tablet) is most commonly stored inside the long slip pocket on the back of the FLAT CAP REAR, and then the space between the two modules has the capacity to store a 13" Ultrabook laptop or a thin stack of Manila folders for documents, or a magazine or two. So it is possible to carry a thin laptop AND an iPad with this configuration.

The B-Zero SLIM also serves as the obvious starting point for all other configurations. You can add and remove space as necessary just by adding different Center Sections.  Build on it!


Included Modules: Pocket Cap Front, Flat Cap Rear
Empty Weight:  1.75 lbs (0.8 kg)
Total Number of Pockets and Storage Compartments:  14
Modular Expansion Ability:  Unlimited 

Size Details:
Interior: 13.5" tall, 10.0" wide, zero inches deep. (34cm x 25cm x 0.0cm)
Exterior: 14.0" tall, 10.5" wide, 1.75" deep. (36cm x 27cm x 4.5cm)
Keep in mind that the bag material is flexible, so the size of the interior storage may be able to "stretch" out just a bit in one direction or another. Also keep in mind that over-stuffing your bag can cause seam or material failure, and this is not covered by warranty.

 Want to compare sizes? See our Flight Bag Dimensions Chart.

For more information, please click Choosing the Right Flight Bag.

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