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Custom Pilot Flight Bags by Brightline
BrightLine is introducing the FLEX Flight Bag System.  This is the first custom pilot flight bag system ever produced in the aviation industry.  This manufacturer has listened to customer feedback and suggestions from pilots for years and, as a result, has developed this new concept to meet every pilot’s needs.

What this new system means is that customers can now customize their own flight bag to meet their specific needs and hold their gear.  No need to panic! Five preconfigured flight bags of various sizes are also available and the original and best-selling Brightline (now the B16) is still on the market and available for sale but redesigned for the FLEX system.

The FLEX systems starts with the ever popular standard Front Bag and allows pilots to custom make their own bag by adding outside pockets,  inserting one of three different size core center sections and finally, adding outside end caps to finish it off.  Not only can pilots make this bag to meet their needs but the option is there to reconfigure it when needs change.  You can even switch around sections based on any situation. 

The FLEX system components are:

Front Bag – The starting point of most configurations.  Originally designed to hold 2 headsets and has a divider shelf.  Comes with Main Handle, Shoulder Strap and interior divider shelf.

Rear Bag – Designed to hold paperwork but can also hold a 13” laptop, change of clothes, or anything else of the like you need to fit.  Has a nylon strap on top that can act like a handle

Center Section 2 – Narrow so designed specifically for laptop use.  Can carry 13” laptops, iPads and documents. 

Center Section 5 - Designed specifically for IFR pilots.  It has top and rear access along with a divider shelf.  The B10 is good for VFR to light IFR flying but if you add this section, you can now carry IFR Binders, clipboards and your laptop or take it off if flying VFR

Center Section 11 – Designed to carry a lot like extra binders, laptop.  Good for overnight trips. Recommended for law enforcement or medical fields.   Comes with handle and shoulder strap.   

Front & Rear End Cap – Zips onto exposed front& rear center sections of bag.  Front cap has 3 sections to hold smaller items. Rear end cap finishes exposed part of bag and can slip in items into zippered area.

Side Pocket Alpha – Holds Hand Held Radio or water bottle

Side Pocket Bravo – Two half height compartments.

Side Pocket Charlie – Pocket compartment and three pen slots

Side Pocket Delta – Double wide side pocket

Given the choices, all expertly designed to meet a pilot’s need, the new Brightline FLEX design truly provides a custom gear management system.   Whether you are doing a cross country or going on a camping trip, this bag’s functionality and gear management knows no bounds and will keep your gear organized.  It works for every pilot now and can continue to meet their needs and efficiently store their gear in the future. 

The Brightline FLEX System allows you to create the perfect bag for your specific needs. Mix and match components to create the bag you've always wanted! Brightline FLEX System, your bag realized!


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