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ATC & Weather

ATC & Weather; Mastering the System

There are always two systems out there air traffic control and weather and the responsibility and the challenge come from fitting the airplane into both of them as smoothly as possible.

In this Second edition of Mastering the Systems, author Richard Collins reveals how to work air traffic control and weather services to maximum advantage.

This book's emphasis is on judgment and the interface between pilot and environment, addressing both VFR and IFR situations from flight planning on through to arrival, approach, and landing.

From flight planning on through to arrival, approach, and landing, Collins encourages all pilots to be a critic of their own performance, with an example of his own flight self-analysis. A basic weather course is provided, which serves as the backbone for learning how to read the signs:

  • VFR, IFR, MVFR, CVFR (continued VFR) what kind of weather leads to the labels that flight decisions are based on?

  • How do you glean the necessary information during preflight, analyze the conditions experienced in flight, and calculate your own forecast based on new information?

  • When does it make sense to fly above the cloud deck, and when should you try to stay down below?

  • In this revised Second Edition of his book, Collins teaches you how to use ATC to your benefit. The factors you need to consider when making these decisions are outlined, supplemented with examples from personal experience and accident reports. He explains the most frequent decisions pilots made when they were caught in weather, laying all the factors on the table so you have enough information to develop pilot and airplane limitations that make sense for you, and know when to ask ATC for help. But even with weather factors and services available en route, Collins is confident in his craft. He never lets his more than 40 years of flying relax his judgment.

    Richard Collins explains the factors pilots need to consider when making these decisions, supplementing them with examples from personal experience and accident reports. He lays all the factors on the table so pilots have enough information to develop individual and airplane limitations.

    Pilots will learn exactly what they can and should ask of ATC to help them out of a mess.

    Author: Richard Collins
    Softcover, indexed, 172 pages.

    Price: $19.95
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    Manufactured by ASA

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