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This multi-functional chronometer is designed to operate under the most stringent operating conditions

Aircraft Clock M850

Aircraft Clock M850

This Davtron Multifunctional Aircraft Clock has a 2ATI mount and features:
  • Greenwich Mean Time
  • Local Time
  • Flight Time
  • Flight Time Alarm
  • Elapsed Time
  • Count Up, Count Down, Alarm

Detailed specs of the M850 Aircraft Clock include:

  • Greenwich Mean Time: 24 hour format
  • Local Time: 12 hour format, 24 hour option
  • Flight Time: Records in 99:59 standard, 99:99 hour option
  • Elapsed Time Count Up: Starts in minutes, seconds, then hours, minutes up to 99:59 hours
  • Elapsed Time Count Down: Settable from one second to 59 minutes, 59 seconds
  • Elapsed Time Alarm: Activates at zero when counting down
  • Incandescent Displays: Readable in sunlight
  • Automatic Dimming Polarizing Filter
  • Battery Type: AA alkaline
  • Keep Alive Current: 0.00004 Amps
  • Input Current: 0.2 Amps
  • Input Voltage: 28V (14V or 5V backlight available)
  • Crystal Reference: -40C to +60C .001%
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Features of the Davtron Aircraft Clock M850:

    • Two button control system is natural and error free. Setting operations are IDENTICAL for both alarm and time setting. Patent pending.
    • Bright sunlight readable incandescent displays.
    • Illuminated buttons and annunciators for night viewing.
    • Flight time recorded in hours and minutes or in hours, tenths and hundredths.
    • Serial time data output for remote use.
    • Flight time alarm with external output.
    • Elapsed time count down timer with alarm.
    • A 4 Megahertz crystal precision time reference.

    Price: $499.00
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    Manufactured by Davtron

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