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The Air Force Edition of Aviation Monopoly game will be a hit with Air Force members and their families and friends around the world!

Aviation Monopoly - Air Force Edition

Aviation Monopoly - Air Force Edition

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for departure!

This special edition Air Force Aviation Monopoly game has been flight-tested to ensure it passes even the toughest evaluator!

You've been appointed a joint air component commander and must assemble your forces to deploy and fight the enemy. As you accumulate air expeditionary squadrons and wings, remember the words of the Air Force chief of staff: "Victory belongs to those who can most quick]y collect intelligence, communicate information and bring capabilities to bear against targets around the globe."

In classic Monopoly risk-taking, deal-making style, players compete to control aircraft, rocket and satellite properties. Also, the chance and community chest cards have been changed to airman's legacy and commander's call cards with comments referring to the Air Force. Even the money is custom-made to complement the Air Force theme.

Hold commander's calls, reflect on the bravery of historical Air Force figures, and admire the newest technologies. Comes complete with 6 custom pewter tokens such as a Satellite, Air Traffic Control Tower, the B-2, the F/A22, the UAV, and the C-17. This completely customized aviation board game will be a hit with Air Force members and their families and friends around the world!

MONOPOLY®, TM & ©2005 Hasbro. Use of Air Force wording, symbols and images is authorized by the US Air Force, but does not constitute an endorsement of this product, or company, by the US Air Force.

Price: $43.40
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