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Aviation Weather Handbook

Aviation Weather Handbook

Pilots ready-to-use, instant weather guide.

Fly safely in all weather conditions as you master the flying skills and strategies of expert aviators. Terry Lankfords Aviation Weather Handbook gives you flying strategies for every imaginable weather condition: low ceilings and visibility due to haze, smog, dust, sand, smoke and ash; turbulence; icing and other cold weather phenomena; thunderstorms; wind shear and more. You learn basic weather theory and how to interpret area, TWEB route, terminal aerodrome, and winds and temperatures aloft forecasts. Find out how to get the most from FAA and other weather briefing servicesand about the reporting systems for which pilots are responsible. This user-friendly guide is organized by weather condition for quick look-up. The appropriate flying strategies appear with each hazard, as does the fundamental theory needed to put it all together.
Author Terry Lankford
ISBN: 0071361030
Hardcover, 166 illus. , 656 pages.
Pub date: October 19, 2000
Copyright: 2001

Price: $49.95
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Manufactured by McGraw-Hill

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