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Beautifully illustrated full-color technical manual, for applicants preparing for glider category ratings and for currently certificated glider pilots who wish to improve their knowledge.

Glider Flying Handbook

Glider Flying Handbook

This is by far the best introductory book about soaring that I have ever seen. And the graphics are wonderful. —Barry Schiff

This new addition to the FAA's handbook series is the first official book released by the FAA for the sole purpose of glider and sailplane instruction and knowledge. Originally designed as a technical manual for glider pilots and students, this handbook also contains chapters of beneficial reference information for glider and powered-flight pilots of all skill levels and experience. The Glider Flying Handbook is filled with in-depth coverage throughout on decision making, weather theory and services, aerodynamics, aircraft performance, medical factors, communications, the certification process and regulations, soaring maneuvers and techniques, and launch and recovery procedures.

Through superb, full-color graphics and detailed descriptions, many theories and techniques are explained so that readers are better able to comprehend and visualize the maneuvers and practices most commonly used. Based on thorough research from within the glider flying community, this well-organized guide also has excellent coverage of "soaring weather" meteorology and thermal and fluid dynamics and more, making this an excellent glider and soaring resource for all aviators. The detailed explanation of theories of the atmosphere makes it a great textbook for meteorology courses, and it could be used in physics classes for specific applications as well.

Includes a glossary of glider flying terminology. Softcover, illustrated throughout in full color, indexed, 230 pages.

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Manufactured by ASA

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