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Instrument Flying

Instrument Flying

Instrument Flying by Richard Taylor is the bible on IFR flight. The latest edition has complete, up-to-date information about every facet of instrument flying, from airways to Zulu time. It provides any pilot, from novice to old hand, with all that is needed to sharpen pilot skills at "flying blind" and to handle any emergency. It features:

  • Explanation of the VOR system, RNAV, Loran, and GPS navigation

  • A complete glossary of terms and abbreviations

  • Valuable proficiency exercises

  • Preflight checklists

  • Case histories of pilots who were involved in IFR accidents

  • Taylor covers recent developments in IFR technology, new IFR terms, and advances in flight systems and equipment.

  • Climb to and maintain a higher level of efficiency and safety - become a good instrument pilot.

    By: Taylor, Richard L. ISBN: 0070633452
    Format: Hardcover, Illustrated, 314 pages
    Pub Date: 1997-08-01
    Copyright: 1998

    Price: $29.95
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    Manufactured by McGraw-Hill

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