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The editors of Plane & Pilot have created the perfect gift for pilots and aviation buffs. Now in its 3rd Edition, it has become a must-have reference for anyone interested in aviation.

International Aircraft Directory

International Aircraft Directory

The One-Stop Reference for the most popular aircraft ever flown!

The Plane & Pilot editors have done a tremendous job providing readers with detailed descriptions and photographs for hundreds of the most popular aircraft from around the world and answers to the questions most commonly asked by pilots.

    Includes details on:

  • Airframe and powerplant data
  • Fun and historical facts
  • Standard data and performance specifications
  • And more…
  • Throughout the well-illustrated pages , youll find interesting anecdotes on prominent manufacturers, airplanes, and industry personalities; a comprehensive source for information on aircraft no longer in production, as well as new models of current production aircraft, representing the majority of civilian aircraft in service throughout the world.

      Includes all these types of aircraft:

    • Single-engine airplanes
    • Multi-engine airplanes
    • Jets—both commercial and private
    • Classic and antique
    • Homebuilts and kitplanes
    • Sailplanes and motorgliders
    • Warbirds and military aircraft flown by civilian pilots

        Aviation enthusiasts and pilots will find this reference tool useful for spot-checking facts about a particular model, identifying unusual aircraft, and recognizing trends in airplane design. The International Aircraft Directory will acquaint pilots with the past so they can appreciate the present and pay tribute to those planes that have, and continue to play an important role in our aviation heritage. Soft cover, 304 pages, illustrated and indexed.

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          International Aircraft Directory - The editors of Plane & Pilot have created the perfect gift for pilots and aviation buffs. Now in its 3rd Edition, it has become a must-have reference for anyone interested in aviation.
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