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Standard Aviation Maintenance Handbook is a key resource tool for A & P Technicians, homebuilders, pilots, and aircraft owners.

Standard Aviation Maintenance Handbook

Standard Aviation Maintenance Handbook

Thoroughly revised and updated, Jeppesen's Standard Aviation Maintenance Handbook is a key resource for A&P technicians, homebuilders, pilots, and aircraft owners. Developed as a quick reference guide for the most common aviation technical information; it includes a compilation of hundreds of references such as:

  • ATA codes

  • Tubing and Wiring color codes

  • Conversion tables

  • Physics formulas

  • Aircraft marshalling signals

  • Tool identification and use guidelines

  • Riveting guidelines

  • Hardware tables

  • Sheetmetal bend allowance & setback tables

  • Aircraft drawing symbols

  • Wire assembly graphs and color codes

  • Fluid lines & fittings charts and color codes

  • Torque tables

  • Weight & Balance formulas

  • Hardware identification

  • All included in a convenient pocket-sized reference guide.

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    Manufactured by Jeppesen

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