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Test Pilot presents fun facts about a variety of different aviation topics.

Test Pilot

Test Pilot: 1,001 Things You Thought You Knew About Aviation

Barry Schiffs latest work compiles fascinating material from his AOPA Pilot magazine monthly quiz column into one book for a riveting volume that will keep you reading.

Regarding his choice of questions for the Test Pilot column material, Barry Schiff asserts, If the answer isnt surprising, educational, or entertaining, I dont want it Schiff is on a continuous quest for aviation knowledgeand the flight instructor in him wants to share it.

Organized into eight chapters, the book presents fun facts on the following subjects: History, Piloting, Navigation, Weather, Aircraft, Airlines and Military, Facts of Flight, Procedures and Regulations.

Through multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, mix-and-match, and essay questions, the reader is challenged to derive the answer before finding it at the end of the chapter.

A true aviation buff, the author teaches new information, clarifies points commonly misunderstood, and provides a wealth of knowledge on the aviation industry. Illustrated throughout with unique and entertaining photographs from Barry Schiffs own collection. Foreword by Thomas B. Haines. Softcover, 400 pages.

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