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Confidently and precisely approach and enter the traffic pattern with the Traffic Pattern Approach Computer.

Traffic Pattern Approach Computer

Traffic Pattern Approach Computer

The Traffic Pattern Approach Computer eliminates the uncertainty and guesswork of approaching, entering and flying the traffic pattern of uncontrolled airports. The computer works in tandem with your GPS unit to help you visualize your approach to the traffic pattern, select a traffic pattern entry, navigate to a point from which to make the traffic pattern entry and fly the traffic pattern. The only GPS programming required is setting up your GPS for direct-to navigation to the airport of intended landing.

The Traffic Pattern Approach Computer provides navigational guidance to one of three Pattern Approach Points from which a proper traffic pattern entry can be made. The Pattern Approach points accommodate the 45/Preferred Entry, the Preferred Entry-Crossing Midfield, the Alternate Midfield Entry and the Straight-in Approach. The aircraft's bearing to the airport, runway heading and the pattern direction determine which pattern approach points and corresponding pattern entries are available. Navigational guidance is always provided for either the 45/Preferred Entry or the 45/Preferred Entry-Crossing Midfield.

In order to help you visualize your approach and provide positional awareness in relation to the runway and traffic pattern, the computer provides a scale Approach Diagram representing the area within a 10 mile radius of the center of the runway. Starting at the outer boundary of the diagram are color coded lines illustrating the available approaches from all points around the airport.

The Traffic Pattern Approach Computer provides a course or track to fly when you reach a distance of ten miles from the airport that will take you to the chosen Pattern Approach Point. This pattern computer can also provide a simulated course deviation indicator and turn indicator as you approach the Pattern Approach Point. The computer also provides the track for the pattern entry and pattern legs.

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