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CheckBook for All Training Aircraft
Aviation Checkbook is a high quality, multi-page laminated checklist utilizing factory type information for FAA Part 141 and 61 schools.
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Aviation Checkbook is a high quality, multi-page laminated checklist utilizing factory type information for FAA Part 141 and 61 schools. Designed as a primary checklist giving all details and responses needed by new students or pilots wanting a multi-page checklist without the usual bulk. Shirt pocket size with mark and erase surface for notes. The various checklists for your aircraft are stacked and color tabs allow you to locate the checklist you need

Product Specifications of CheckBook Aircraft Checklists:

  • Full COLOR Printing. CheckBook Aircraft Checklist is the only color multipage checklist on the market. (Color covers or section tabs do not provide easier reading or less eye fatigue.)
  • CheckMate Aircraft Checklist has EasyTab Stair-Step pages. Pages are cut in 1/4 increments for instant access to the page you need. (Section tabs do not address the problem as the pages in each section are still the same size.) The Checkbook Aircraft Checklist design also works equally well for right and left-handed pilots. The Aviation CheckBooktm can even be flipped with one hand, leaving you the other hand for flying the airplane
  • Shirt Pocket Design. The convenience and ease of using Checkbook's pocket design will spoil you. CheckBooktm provides factory type information for FAA part 141 and 61 schools and pilots desiring a multipage checklist without the usual bulk and clumsiness.
  • Better Materials & Construction. The Aviation CheckBook Aircraft Checklist uses a synthetic material making it virtually indestructible. CheckMate also uses a seamless plastic coil. This eliminates the page snagging and lost pages commonly associated with crimped metal bindings. Thin wire bindings are delicate and crush easily. They simply are an inferior binding system for long-term use. If it were better, Checkmate would have chosen it.
  • Factory Type Data For FAA Part 141 & 61 Schools. Checkmate Aircraft Checklists give the pilot and the flight school a superior product by providing more accurate, extensive, and useful data.
  • Mark & Erase surface allows adding personal notes using any permanent marker and acrylic eraser.
  • Trusted And Proven Data, Enhanced By CheckMates DataLogictm. The Aviation CheckBooktm took two years to develop and evolve. The data "flow" and presentation will surprise even the most discriminating user. Most pilots are already familiar with Checkmate's endorsements for producing the most accurate and logical aviation checklist systems in the world.
  • Lifetime Guarantee. Like all CheckMate's products, if it ever fails, you get a new one, free.
  • Free Upgrades. CheckMate Proudly Post When Improvements Occur In Their Aircraft Checklists And Offer Them At No Charge.
  • Emergency Procedures That Are Instantly Available, Complete & Easy To Read.
  • The Most Comprehensive V Speed Section In The Industry.
  • Speeds Are Given In Both KNOTS & MPH.
  • A Dedicated Departure, Cruise, & Arrival Section.
  • Fuel, Oil, Electrical, Tire, & Weight Information.
  • Flight Plan Sequence.
  • VFR Cruising Altitudes.
  • VFR Weather & Cloud Minimums.
  • Time Conversion Chart.
  • Important Comm Frequencies, & Light Signals.
  • Metar Codes.
  • Pirep Sequence.
  • Conversion Table For Common Volumes, Distances, & Temperatures.
  • Linear Scale for Measuring WAC, SEC, TAC, NOS, ElA, & JEPPESEN Mileage Distances.
  • Since 1992, CheckMate is the Only Company To Offer A Lifetime Warranty To All Pilots & Flight Schools.
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