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CX-2 for Palm PDAs
CX-2 flight computing software for Palm or Palm-compatible hand-held computers.
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Detailed Description

With the proliferation of personal digital assistants (PDAs), ASA has CX-2 flight computing software for Palm or Palm-compatible hand-held computers. Aviators can perform all their flight planning tasks on an item that is most likely already in their flight bag…the Palm device.

CX-2-Palm Pathfinder features include:
Numerous aviation functions.
Calculate everything from true airspeed and Mach number, to headwind/crosswind components and center of gravity (CG), and everything in between. A menu of 34 aviation functions provides access to 40 aviation calculations. Users can change variables and recompute without re-entering the entire problem.

Inputs and outputs are clearly labeled and the answers or results are displayed along with their corresponding units of measurement. The menu organization reflects how a flight is normally planned and executed, so pilots can simply work from the menus in sequential order as they fill in the flight plan form. The intuitive software includes large buttons for use with or without a stylus. The Palm “graffiti” interface makes entering and editing data a snap.

Unit conversions

CX-2-Palm has 18 reciprocal unit-conversions: nautical and statute miles, nautical miles and kilometers, statute miles and kilometers, feet and meters, pounds and kilograms, gallons and liters, time in an hours:minutes:seconds format and time in decimal format, Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures, and millibars and inches of mercury.

Timers and clocks.
The CX-2-Palm has two timers: a stopwatch that counts up, and a count down timer with an audible alarm. The CX-2-Palm uses the Palm desktop clock, displaying both UTC and local time as the pilot selects the appropriate time zone.

Interactive functions
Pilots can perform“chain” calculations where the answer to a preceding problem is automatically entered in subsequent problems. Standard mathematic calculations and conversions can be performed within each aviation function.

System Requirements

Palm or Palm-compatible device
Palm OS 3.1 or higher
Palm Desktop software and HotSync cradle installed

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