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ASA E6B Slide
E6B Slide Flight Computer
E6B Slide
The E6B Slide Flight Computer is the companion product to the E6-B metal flight computer.
List Price: $12.95
Our Price: $11.33

Detailed Description

The E6B Slide Flight Computer is the companion product to ASA's E6-B metal flight computer.

The E6B slide picks up where the traditional metal flight computer leaves off, providing calculations for the high-speed realm of flight (in the range of 220-700 knots or miles per hour). Pilots simply replace their current slide with this one, which then continues to use the circular computer from traditional E6B Flight Computers.

The E6B Slide Flight Computer also includes a compressibility correction chart, ICAO Standard Atmosphere reference table, a worldwide time conversion table, speed limits for the United States, and the most frequently-used weight and balance formulas all of the pertinent formulas and information required for high-altitude, high-speed operations.

The E6B Slide Flight Computer meets both FAR and JAR (international) requirements.

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