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Why Our Flight Instructor Loves the Express Flyer Flight Bag

Our Flight Instructor, Paul, loves his Express Flyer Flight bag manufactured by Noral Enterprises for so many reasons.  Every time he wanders into the Flight School, he’s got this trusty bag with him.  It’s not too big measuring in at 11”H x 10.5”W x 10”L but seems to keep him well organized for each flight.  The other day, between flights, I decided to ask him what he loves about it.  Some things I knew but others, I suppose only a pilot would appreciate so this is what I learned.

First of all, this is virtually the only bag that is still manufactured in the United States.  With so many of our goods made overseas, it’s wonderful to actually purchase an item proudly made in the U.S.A.  In fact, we often get calls from customers wanting to know where certain products, including flight bags, are made.  When I tell them that Noral still manufactures its products entirely in the U.S., customers are more than pleased to make a purchase.

So Paul is off on a lunch break and I decide to take a look and see how he has organized his pilot gear.  I don’t think he’ll mind.  In the large front zippered pocket in the front, I find a Pilot’s License and some other papers.  In the zippered pouch behind, is his headset and since this pocket is large to hold any size headset and the one that he’s got is of average size, he likes that he can also manage to also squeeze in a can of aircraft cleaner.  To the side are some pocket sleeves where he has placed a fuel tester in one and a flashlight and pen in the other. 

Access to the main compartment is through a double zippered flap with pull cord and it is very roomy.  He’s got all other necessities in here such as a  kneeboard, logbook, flight computer, terminal procedures, oral exam guide, some sort of maneuvers manual and sectionals – that have expired by the way so I will have be sure to get him a current supply. 

There is also a pocket sleeve at the back where he has slipped in a navigational protractor and inside there is a zippered section where he’s got a pencil and eraser.   It is made with two carrying handles that has a padded band if you wish to keep them together and I just noticed on the front of one the of handle straps that there is a plastic holder where a carabiner holding keys or whatnot can hook on.  Another very handy feature indeed!

Noral makes this flight bag using very durable ¼” foam padded nylon and it is so well sewn that Paul has been using his flight bag for a couple of years now and it still looks brand new with no wear and tear.  The zippers are extremely heavy duty as well.

Wow!  There is quite a lot of pilot gear in this durable, smaller size flight bag. No wonder Paul likes it so much. 


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