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Jeppesen JS202002
FliteSchool Aviation Software - Instrument Pilot
FliteSchool Instrument Pilot Aviation Software is a complete, interactive home study course that makes it fast, easy, and fun to pass the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Text.
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Detailed Description

Jeppesen's FliteSchool Instrument Pilot Aviation Software makes it easy, fast and fun to get a great score on your exam. You learn the material thoroughly and get the highest possible score on your exam while retaining what you learn.

Only FliteSchool Aviation Software integrates the complete textual references to the Instrument Pilot Training Manual, allowing you easy access to expanded information. Carefully selected graphics and computer animation are combined to help you understand difficult concepts. In addition, all figures are contained on the CD for easy reference.

The FliteSchool Aviation Software program is interactive, easy to use & set up like this:

The FliteSchool Campus
FliteSchool's Main menu represents the campus of a premiere aeronautical university where serious aviation students acquire the academic knowledge needed for pilot or instructor certification.

The Welcome Center is where you get an overview of the FliteSchool Aviation Software program. It demonstrates many of the software's features and gives you guidelines on how to use the software.

The Learning Center contains FliteSchool's lessons and study questions. These lessons have the same names and appear in the same order as in the Guided Flight Discovery Instrument Pilot Aviation Manual. The lessons are brilliant multimedia presentations in which your instructors present a summary of the associated textbook chapter. These presentations are designed to answer the FAA study questions, which you will find at the end of each lesson. FliteSchool Aviation Software keeps track of your study and automatically presents missed and unanswered questions first.

The Testing Center is where you look at your achievement record, review FAA questions from the entire database, and, most important, take sample FAA tests. The Achievement Record shows you the number of questions you have correctly answered in each lesson and the results of your most recent tests.

The Graduation Hall is where you can obtain a printed graduation certificate, and instructor authorization. FliteSchool will give you this certificate when you correctly answer 80% of the questions in every lesson and pass a final exam in the Testing Center with a score of 80% or better. Jeppesen can authorize you to take the FAA knowledge test when you sign the instructor authorization form and send it in. You can also learn about scheduling your FAA test in the Graduation Hall.

The Library allows you direct access to Jeppesen's built-in Guided Flight Discovery text and FAR/AIM. You can even search these references by keyword. You can also get to these online references from FAA study questions in the Learning Center, or during a question review. When accessing these references from a question, FliteSchool Aviation Software places you near the paragraph that relates to the question. Use the library if you wish to browse or search these references, without looking at study questions first.

System Requirements: Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, CD-ROM, 4MB RAM (minimum for Windows 3.1), 256 color graphics. Sound card and speakers are required for audio.

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