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Conserve with a GATS Fuel Tester

With so much necessary concern for the environment, it is vital for everyone, including pilots, to do their part.  Studies have shown that over 3 million gallons of AVGAS (aviation gasoline) are poured on aircraft parking ramps every year from sampling fuel during preflight inspection.  As a pilot, FBO or aviation technician, there is a requirement by law to dispose of your “sumped” fuel properly.

A previous procedure for disposal of “sumped” fuel was to simply throw it onto the tarmac, expecting the fuel to evaporate.  This practice causes air pollution, as well as possible runoff issues contaminating the soil and ground water.

Several options and devices are available to assist with the testing and proper disposal of preflight fuel.  One excellent option is the GATS (Gasoline Analysis Test Separator) jar developed by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  A preflight procedure using the GATS jar allows the return of clean fuel back into the aircraft fuel tank and contaminated fuel to be dumped into a disposal unit located on the ramp.  How it actually works is that it separates any co-mingled fuel and water and is designed to allow only the fuel to be poured back into the fuel tank through the filter which traps the water behind. 

By using these fuel testers, such as the GATS jar, pilots are practicing environmentally responsible procedures and properly disposing of “sumped” fuel.  In fact, this GATS fuel tester not only protects our environment but also saves money by returning clean fuel to the aircraft tank.

As an incentive to customers to help protect the environment, we can offer a discount to flying clubs or flight schools when purchases are made in bulk.  GATS jars, available in 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes, can also be custom labeled with the logo of your company or school.


-          Pilot Shop News Staff from EDMO & TAG Staff


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