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ASA 8083-15A
Instrument Flying Handbook
The Instrument Flying Handbook is the primary reference text for the Instrument Rating FAA Knowledge Exam.
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Detailed Description

Replaces that FAA-H-8083-15 reprint. Primary reference text for the Instrument Rating FAA Knowledge Exam.

This new edition features information applicable to both conventional steam-gauge instrumentation as well as glass cockpits found in technically advanced aircraft (TAA). The new information is well separated from the traditional discussions of the "6-pack" and covers flight support systems (AHRS and ADC), pictorial displays, flihgt management systems (FMS), primary flight display (PFD) and multi-function display (MFD), synthetic vision, advanced technology systems such as ADS, and safey systems such as traffic advisory systems. Also incorporated are FAA/Industry Training Standards (FITS) tenets such as single-pilot resource management, scenario-based training, and learner-centered grading. Hazard identification, as well as task management, automation management, and risk management supplement the human factors discussion. The chapters on attitude instrument flying and basic flight maneuvers are split into separate sections dedicated to analog instrumentation and electronic flight displays. The chapter on emergency operations has been expanded to include the failures applicable to operating a TAA.

Includes an instrument rating training syllabus, a clearance shorthand appendix, and a comprehensive glossary and index. Soft cover, 392 pages, illustrated in full color.


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