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Jeppesen 10011888
Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Kit (Part 61)
The Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Part 61 Flight Training Kit is developed for the FAR Part 61 training program. This kit contains all the essential training products used to prepare students for the written and practical FAA examinations.
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Detailed Description

Are you ready to embark on the adventure of instrument flight or do you desire to master the skills of a commercial pilot? Jeppesen can help you achieve your aviation ambitions.

Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Pilot Training Kits, developed for both FAR Part 61 and FAR Part 141 training programs, are the most complete instrument/commercial pilot training packages available.

Purchasing a training kit is an economical and convenient way to obtain current, comprehensive, and integrated materials that will make the journey to your instrument rating or commercial pilot certificate successful.

Jeppesen has developed the Guided Flight Discovery (GFD) Pilot Training System to provide outstanding instructional materials to the finest flight schools, colleges, and universities in the world.

Guided Flight Discovery is totally different than other systems because its entire philosophy of pilot training is a departure from the conventional methods of the past. Rather than just teaching facts, GFD concentrates on an application-oriented approach to pilot training.

The comprehensive and complete system emphasizes the why and how of aeronautical concepts when they are presented. As you progress through training, you'll find that the revolutionary GFD System leads you through essential aeronautical knowledge and exposes you to a wide variety of interesting and useful information which will enhance and expand your understanding of the world of aviation.

Although each element of GFD may be used separately, using all of the individual components in a systems apporach can maximize the effectiveness of the materials.

Jeppesen's Instrument/Commercial Training Kit (Part 61) includes the following:

  • Instrument/Commercial Guided Flight Discovery Manual Textbook
  • Instrument Practical Test Standards
  • Single and Multi-Engine Commercial Practical Test Standards
  • Instrument Knowledge Test Guide
  • Commercial Knowledge Test Guide
  • US Chartrain
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