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Laser-Gard Eyewear - NIGHT
Laser-Gard Protects your eyes against harmful laser pointers that can cause glare, flash-blindness, blind spots, and disorienting after-images.
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Who should wear Laser-Gard Aviator Safety glasses?

  • Fixed-Wing Civil Pilots - We often fly slower and lower and do not have a co-pilot to take over the controls, putting us at risk.
  • Helicopter Pilots - We fly low and hover. This gives people more time to train the laser on us.
  • Commercial/Airline Pilots - People know where and when to find us during takeoffs and landings.
Laser pointer beams cause distracting glare and pose a temporary flash blindness hazard to pilots and security personnel.
Although high-quality sunglasses provide UV and glare protection, the company’s expertise in combining narrowband notch laser dyes produces the ultimate in safety eyewear, designed specifically for personnel who may be exposed to laser pointers.
he company’s experience in manufacturing laser visors for the US Air Force has resulted in a product that reduces the threat posed by today’s powerful green and red laser pointers.
Available in a choice of frame styles and featuring multiple adjustments for comfort, the patented lenses are available in two versions to ensure that pilots and law enforcement personnel are protected around the clock: soothing bronze-colored sunglass tint for daytime and a salmon-colored lens that provides good nighttime vision.   The LOTG style fits over your glasses.

Laser-Gard combines laser protection with traffic signal color recognition and comfort, making it possible for anyone exposed to lasers to do a job safely and effectively

Unique salmon-colored lens provides excellent nighttime vision
Suppresses Green Lights
Salmon (Night) Glasses transform green light into black/white under night vision goggles
Reduces visibility of GREEN lasers more than 99%!

<1% Transmitted
43% Visible Light Transmission

FAA reports show laser strike incidents are up 1000%  nationwide since 2005

  • A 5mW laser can disrupt flight up to 3,700 feet AGL. (Anyone can buy laser pointers
    on the internet up to 10mW)
  • Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog coating on all Laser-Gard Eyewear
  • The LOTG style fits over your glasses
  • Consult ANSI 2136.1 & EN 207 for details regarding laser protective eyewear




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