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ASA has been a leader and innovator in aviation supplies and publications since 1947.  The ASA philosophy is to surround themselves with the best authors, software developers, product managers, and editors the world of aviation has to offer, and incorporate their experience and wisdom into the top quality products. You can always count on ASA to be at the forefront of technology to bring you the best materials available.

Pilots have trustedJeppesenfor mission critical flight information for almost as long as they have been flying airplanes.  Whether you fly airplanes or work around them, Jeppesen has the training material to get you started and keep you sharp.  As technology changes the shape of products and services, one thing will never change: Jeppesen's commitment to delivering everything you need to get the most out of every flight. 

Since 1935David ClarkCompany has been dedicated to the development of products calling for unsurpassed excellence in quality, design and performance.  David Clark is dedicated to maintaining high standards and has earned a reputation for excellence. David Clark continues to deserve the confidence of customers worldwide.

Flightcomtook off in 1983 and has been soaring ever since.  Flightcom has become an industry leader, employing 50 people and selling products all over the world. The company is now on a mission to push the envelope in design and engineering and develop products that are the most innovative on the market.

Icomhas introduced aircraft handheld, mobile and base radios for use onboard and in field aviation use. These radios are used as primary ground communication as well as ground to air and backup aircraft communication equipment. Icom introduced the first navigation handheld, which also provides navigation information and direction location information.

Noral Enterprisestakes pride in manufacturing the highest quality flight bags, seat cushions, epaulets, logbook covers and other pilot essentials.  Noral provides a vast range of products for pilots of unsurpassed quality. 

Sennheiser's commitment to the world of audio is simple: we offer products that provide the finest combination of performance and value anywhere. Established in 1945 in Germany, Sennheiser is the acknowledged world leader in microphone technology, RF wireless, and infrared sound transmission, headphone transducer technology, and most recently in the development of active noise cancellation.

Sky High Gear's goal is to better serve pilots needs through revolutionary gear designs. Our flight bags are centered around a flying routine and the ability to keep equipment, documents, manuals, maps, etc. organized and easily available during flight. We feel the bag should comfortably fit your gear for all types of flying. Your handhelds, GPS, sectionals, AF/D's, chart books and ANR headsets will all fit. We are sure you will find a bag for your needs.

Telex Communications, a world leader in commercial aviation headsets, offers a full line of commercial aviation products including commercial & general aviation headsets, handheld aviation microphones and a wide selection of general aviation accessories.

Torgoenwas founded by a group of aviation enthusiasts to provide pilots and similar enthusiasts with watches of uncompromising quality.  At Torgoen, preparation includes precision engineering, careful attention to details of every component, and the best choice of materials.  Torgoen watches and components pass the most stringent quality control procedures.

Vertex Standardhas been on the cutting edge of radio transceiver design for over forty years.  Vertex Standard's airband radios are professional grade and incorporate our legendary MIL-STD construction and sleek styling.

CheckMateAircraft Checklists is the most endorsed checklist system in aviation.   CheckMate Aviation produces checklists for Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Cirrus, Mooney, Commander, Diamond, Grumman, Socata, Maule Bellanca, Alarus, Zenith, Aviat, IFR, flight instruction, and flight training.

SureCheckis the premier manufacturer of General Aviation safety avionics and publications. Surecheck's Trafficscope is the only portable collision avoidance device on the market. SureCheck checklists sell more than any other brand... over 50,000 each year.

Pilot USA's corporate motto:"e;We Listen, So You Can Hear"e;expresses the philosophy that has allowed Pilot USA to become one of the leading manufacturers of personal headset communications worldwide.  Pilot USA is a technology partner with some of the major communication companies around the world covering aviation, motorsports, and hearing conservation.

Gleim Publicationsdevelops and distributes a variety of study and reference materials to help you learn and understand Aviation (pilot training). Gleim's mission is to provide easy-to-use, effective knowledge transfer materials to pilots and accountants. Gleim helps people help themselves succeed in their careers.


AVCOMMmanufactures and distributes quality headsets, intercoms, flight bags, and accessories for aviation.  From design to customer service, quality is built into every AVCOMM product. To craft products, AVCOMM uses only the finest materials. From gold plated plugs on headsets to tough tensile wiring, AVCOMM products are made to withstand vigorous use year after year.

LightspeedANR headsets have been the number one seller in the country since their introduction in 1996. Founded by a group of former Tektronix engineering, manufacturing, and marketing people, our mission was to provide the best performing, most comfortable, and best consumer value in the aviation headset market. We did all that, and the result was a line of products that has dominated the ANR headset sales at major dealer outlets ever since.

Magliteis dedicated to the highest standards of integrity. We seek performance and a reputation reflecting the very best we can achieve.
 Each Mag Instrument flashlight represents a culmination of more than 20 years of research, development and continuous state-of-the-art refinement in every precision feature. Mag Instrument is proud to be a USA manufacturer.

Serengeti  prides itself on using only the highest-quality materials and premium optical components in all of its products. You will not find a more well-crafted example of workmanship than a Serengeti sunglass.  Serengeti's commitment to superior optics, cutting edge innovation and technology, and the highest customer care have remained constant.

Capture the spirit of flight withTrintec's line of unique gifts for aviators.  Wide selection includes wall clocks, key chains, mouse pads, magnets, t-shirts, alarm clocks, desk set pens, coffee mugs, propellor clocks, and more. 

Randolph Engineering's emphasis on quality of materials and precision manufacturing are the principle reasons that since 1982 Randolph has been the prime supplier of sunglasses to the United States armed forces.  The core brand drivers behind the Randolph brand are Quality, Performance, Commitment, Craftsmanship, and a truly unique pioneering American Spirit.

Van Heusen is the largest shirt manufacturer in the world and a leading footwear and apparel company.  Van Heusen shirts are known for its high standards of quality, craftsmanship and fashion.  Van Heusen Aviator shirts are worn by professional pilots worldwide. 



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