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Jeppesen JA310101
Meteorology Training Textbook
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Detailed Description

Weather has a major bearing on the outcome of any flight. There have been great strides in the science of meteorology from the early days of flight and is very relevant to the pilots of today. The learning objectives for the JAR ATPL (A) examination require an understanding of the fundamentals of meteorology such as the effects of pressure, density, and temperature in the atmosphere before studying stability, cloud formation, and precipitation. Since wind is a critical element for flight planning and the operation of the aircraft, it is discussed in detail in this volume.

The Aviation Meterology text also covers meteorological hazards to aviation such as thunderstorms, icing, wind shear, and turbulence. The interpretation of meteorological messages, synoptic, and upper wind charts is also discussed. Since the Airline Transport Pilot may be required to operate anywhere in the world, this volume also includes an extensive section on global and regional climatology.

Chapters of the Jeppesen Meteorology textbook include:

* The Atmosphere
* Wind
* Thermodynamics
* Clouds and Fog
* Precipitation
* Air Masses and Fronts
* Pressure System
* Climatology
* Flight Hazards
* Meteorological Information

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