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Pilot USA PA-1779TH
Pilot USA PA-1779TH ANR Helicopter Headset
Stereo helicopter headset with cell phone/audio interface, 14.5 ounces, 20-22 dB total active, 25dB passive. Comes with Headset Bag & 5 year manufacturer's warranty.
List Price: $500.00
Our Price: $480.00

Detailed Description

The Pilot USA PA1779T helicopter headset was originally designed for the military, it is now available for general aviation and is positioned to be the leading ANR helicopter headset for the quality conscious consumer.

Auto Shut-off. Amplified Cell/Satellite phone interface built into headset. Auxillary audio interface for music or audible checklist / warnings. New twin layer gel ear seal. Made in the USA.

Pilot USA's top of the line headset in ANR performance designed for the quality conscious consumer. The PA-1779TH takes full advantage of closer tolerance military components providing an additional 18-22dB of active noise cancellation at 100 Hz. The ANR headset is the only self-contained ANR in the industry with a rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery with wall charger.

The PA-1779T comes equipped with a new Auto On/Auto Shut-off proprietary circuitry. The ANR will shut-off automatically when the unit is unplugged from the aircraft or the master switch is turned off. This will conserve your battery's charge enabling longer use between charges. The headset will automatically turn on when it is plugged in and the radio is turned on. There is a manual override On/Off switch on the headset in case you require the ANR to function when the unit is not plugged into the aircraft.

For added comfort, the Pilot USA PA 1779TH Helicopter headset is fitted with a sheepskin fleece head pad and our proprietary twin-layer silicone gel ear seals (30% less weight than normal gel ear seals.)

The headset is equipped to be cell/satellite phone capable, and has a “true stereo” input jack so that the user can listen to music from a CD player, IPOD®, MP3® or external radio. A custom padded protective case is included with your headset.

The Pilot USA PA1779TH headset has some amazing features you'll love:

Enhanced Voice Intelligibility (EVI)
This aviation headset has a proprietary DSP circuit which enhances all audio within the speech frequencies. The result is more intelligible incoming ATC transmissions. Incoming speech frequencies are amplified 2-4 dB for more clarity and intelligibility. This is particular favorable for pilots who may have suffered some hearing loss over the years.

Modular Flexible Design
The PA 17-79's modularity includes some unique features. We have designed the Independence headset to be modular with the introduction of a detachable comm-cord and microphone boom. This modularity makes the unit “field repairable”. Pilots can use the headset without the comm-cord when they are doing their preflight around the aircraft. The detachable comm-cord enables the user to use the headset in different applications by simply purchasing the appropriate comm-cord.

Comfort Features

This Pilot USA aviation headset is fitted with a breathable sheepskin headpad which is attached to the headband with a Velcro closure. This headset headpad virtually eliminates all complaints of hat spots caused by non-breathable synthetic headpads used by other manufacturers. The natural headpad combined with the wide single pivot suspension of the headband assures a comfortable fit. The foam ear seals are extra soft and generously proportioned and fit around the ear to distribute pressure.

On/Off - DNC Activation
This aviation headset has a black waterproof cover over the push button On/Off switch on the right shoulder of the ear cup which has the comm-cord jack. To turn the unit on, push the button all the way down till it clicks. There is a green LED light located @1 inch to the upper left of the On/Off button that will illuminate when the unit is turned on. To turn the unit off, press the button again. When not wearing the headset, one can visually see if the headset is turned on by viewing the green LED power indicator.

Mono/Stereo Selector Switch Individual Ear Cup Volume Adjustments

The Pilot USA PA 1779T headset can be used in either monaural or stereo modes. A selector switch (M/S) and individual right and left ear cup volume adjustments are placed conveniently on the comm-cord for easy access. Each ear cup's audio volume can be individually adjusted in either mono or stereo mode. This allows users who may have suffered previous hearing loss in one ear to have perfect audio adjustment in both ears.

Rechargeable Battery, Power Jack and Charger

The PA 1779 aviation headset is totally self-contained and requires no external power. One has the independence of not having to choose whether one wants a portable or a panel mounted version as with other ANR headsets. A rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack is installed inside the ear cup. This type of battery has no “memory effect” as with other rechargeable NiCAD batteries. There are two 3.5mm jacks for charging the battery. They are located on each ear cup directly below the overhead cord where it enters the cup. These jacks serve a dual purpose and can also be used to plug in the microphone. Fitted with an internal NiMH rechargeable battery pack, the self-contained Pilot USA PA 1779 aviation headset can give the user @40-50 hours of continuous use on a full charge. Note: Before use, this aviation headset must be initially charged for 5-6 hours, or until the “smart” chargers LED turns off. The batteries have only a slight charge when installed at the factory so a full charge is recommended.

Pilot USA PA-1779T ANR Aviation Headset Features:- 31 dB Noise Reduction at 100 Hz - Totally self-contained unit- Electret noise canceling microphone - Digital signal processor IC - Enhanced voice audio-in - Surface mount technology - Very lightweight: 14.5 oz. (440 grams) - 100% closer tolerance military components - Mono/stereo switch - Dual volume controls - Rechargeable NiMH battery pack - Detachable microphone & boom - Battery life: @1000 charges or @5000 hours total usage - 10.15 VDC “Smart” battery charger w/LED - Sheepskin headpad - ISO 9000, 9001 PCB - Tamper-proof circuit board - Gel coated circuit board for added reliability - Field repairable design - 5-Year factory warranty

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