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Randolph Frame Sizing Information

If you have an existing frame that fits comfortably:

Measure the frame by placing it on a ruler and note the width at the widest point where the temples attach. The following are the measurements of the Randolph Aviator Sunglasses for a guide.

Randolph Aviator Sunglasses Sizing Chart:  


 Eye Size  Frame Size  Fits
 52 mm  135 mm/5.3 inches  Small/Medium
 55 mm  140 mm/5.5 inches


 58 mm  150 mm/5.9 inches  Large/Extra Large


If you don't have a frame to go by:

Holding a ruler over your eyes, one can easily do this measurement. Using a mirror, or have someone helping, line up the end of the ruler with one temple and then measure to the opposite temple. The reading will give you a good idea of which size frame is right for you.  

General rule of thumb:




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