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Since 1982,Randolph Aviator Sunglasseshave been standard issue for U.S. Military pilots.  These aviator sunglasses are made in the U.S.A. with quality materials and precision manufacturing.    The Randolph Aviator Sunglasses actually surpass the U.S. Military exacting standards. 

Randolph Aviator Sunglasses
Issued since 1977 and built to U.S. Military specifications, the Randolph Aviator sunglasses are durable with its neutral grey lens giving true color reception. Its unique bayonet temples are especially comfortable  under a helmet or headphones. You can always rely on the Randolph Aviator to perform... especially when you need it.
Hinges:  Precision design allows for independent removal and insertion of lenses and/or temples
Lenses:Neutral Grey lenses will not distort color values. Excellent traffic signal recognition.
Temples:Unique Military Bayonet Design. Durable, Spring Hard Swaged Process for total comfort and reliability. Ideal for fitting unter helmets and headsets.

Randolph Concorde Sunglasses
The Concorde sunglasses have that classic teardrop aviator shape worn by U.S. Military pilots throughout World War II. Built to the same rigorous standards as the famous Randolph Aviator Sunglasses.
Lenses:The Randolph tan lens is excellent for bright overcast days and performs well in low light conditions, haze and fog. It absorbs scattered blue light, increases contrast and visual acuity
Temples:Concorde temples are highly durable, spring hard and totally reliable. Temple tips offer great comfort and can be adjusted for perfect fit.
Nosepad:High quality non-slip click-in silicone nose pads. No metal parts equals no corrosion. Top grade silicone for extended wear.

Randolph Crew Chief Sunglasses
Classic aviator styling with modern twist. Crew Chief sunglasses are manufactured from high-tech Monel 400 eyewire to give maximum strenght in a lightweight product. Its dual action, single piece forged spring hinges and soft silicon nose pads give daylong comfort.
Lenses:  The Randolph AGX lens has a slight green tint, a very popular lens color. This lens does not shift the color balance and vision stays sharp in all light conditions
Temple:  Dual Action Forged Spring Hinge Temple designed for extended wear and reliability. Forged casing protects intricate inner spring mechanism against harsh condiditons
Stabilizer Brow Bar:Extended brow bar for added strength between left and right eye rims.

Randolph Intruder Sunglasses
Introduced in the 1980's these aviation style sunglasses bear a strong family resemblance to the Randolph Aviator and Concorde sunglasses. Built to the same uncompromising standards, the Intruder comes with standard skull temples and traditional cable temples. Cable temples are particulary useful for active lifestyles. Like all Randolph products you can be confident that for style and durability you cannot beat the Intruder.
Frame Finishes:Ultra smooth finishes in 23k Gold with protective clear coat and three step non-reflective Matte Black. All Randolph sunglasses exceed military specifications for corrosion and prespiration testing
Hinges:Precision Mono Block Hinge Design: Allows for independent removal and insertion of lenses and/or temples
Soldier Joints:All Randolph solder joints are guaranteed for life. Each joint connection is machined milled for absolute strenght and adhesion.

Lens Description

Neutral Grey Lens:
This color lens is best for flying, driving and general use. Filters 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays. 
Randolph Neutral Grey lenses are polarized and offer absolute true color reception.  Worn by U.S. Military pilots and NASA astronauts; colors come through naturally resulting in hours of comfort.  Light reaches the eye with the same color compositions that it had before passing through the lens.  Every color retains its true value.

AGX (Grey/Green) Lens:This lens has a slight green tint to it, making it the most popular sunglass tint on the market.  The Randolph sunglasses offered on this website with the AGX Lens are not polarized.  Selectively filters the colors of the spectrum so that their transmittance curve closely resembles the sensitivity curve of the eye.  Thus colors are only slightly changed and vision stays sharp. Filters 98-100% of harmful UV rays.

High Contrast Tan Lens: Best for overcast days and performs well in low light situations encountered in haze and fog.The Randolph sunglasses offered on this website with the AGX Lens are not polarized. Lacks neutrality of grey and green lenses so is widely accepted of those needing eye protection on bright overcast days. Limits the transmittance of blue light, thus increasing contrast and visual acuity.

Randolph Engineering and Aviation have been partners for many, many years. Probably the best-known product is the famous Randolph Aviator Sunglasses, a favorite of Military and Commercial pilots alike, these outstanding pilot sunglasses have been the pilot’s first choice for over 20 years.

When you purchase any of Randolph's line of aviation styled sunglasses, you are guaranteed of getting the very finest metal frames, finishes and lenses available anywhere. What else do they offer? These quality sunglasses look great even when you are not in the cockpit!


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