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No matter if you're just learning to fly or have a few certifications under your belt, we have selected a few pilot supplies that you will need for each rating. 

Check out our top recommendations in detail by clicking on the product links.

Student Pilot Picks

Just starting out?   Here are a handful of pilot supplies you will definitely need as well as a link to the AOPA Student Pilot website that will outline all the requirements.

Piloting Basics Handbook  

Aircraft Fuel Tester

Jeppesen E6B Student Flight Computer

Jeppesen Student Pilot Flight Bag

ASA's Complete Private Pilot Kit

AvComm's AC200V2 PNR Headset

Sic Sac  (Just in case!)

ASA Pilot Logbook


Sport Pilot Picks

The Sport Pilot airman certificate and Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) offers the greatest variety of reliable aircraft to choose from in aviation history. Sport Pilots can fly fixed-wing (airplanes), powered parachutes, weight-shift control (trikes), gyrocopters, gliders, and lighter-than-air craft. With a simple path to a pilot certificate and a variety of aircraft people can own and/or operate, more people are now able to experience the freedom to fly.

Gleim Sport Pilot Training Kit (with Software)

Sport Pilot: Choosing The Light Sport Aircraft That's Right For You

Weather to Fly for Sport Pilots

Sport Pilot Logbook

Test Prep: Sport Pilot

Prepware: Sport Pilot

Computer Testing Supplement: Sport Pilot

Aviator Sunglasses


Private Pilot Picks

Jeppesen Private Pilot Training Kit

David Clark Aviation Headset H10-13.4

Noral Private Pilot Bag

Jeppesen Pilot Logbook

Checkbook for All Training Aircraft

ASA Flight Planner Log

Positive Flying

Trifold Kneeboard with Free Plotter


Instrument/Commercial Pilots

Foggles View Limiting Lenses

ASA Trifold IFR Kneeboard in Nylon Case

Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Training Kit

Jeppesen Professional Logbook

Instrument Flying by Richard Taylor


Flight Instructors

Jeppesen Basic Flight Instructor Training Kit

David Clark Aviation Headset H10-13.4S

Aviation Instructor's Handbook

Guided Flight Discovery Flight Instructor Software

Double Headset Bag

Sky High Freedom VII Flight Bag


Professional Pilot

Professional Pilot Necktie

The Aviator Professional Pilot Shirt


David Clark Aviation Headset H10-13XL ENC

Jeppesen Captain Flight Bag - Black




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