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Sandia Aerospace 306430-00
STX-360 Sentinel Mode C Transponder
The STX 360 Sentinel is a 978 MHz UAT ADS-B unit with a built-in A/C transponder.
Our Price: $2,475.00

Detailed Description

An internal diplexer in the STX-360 Sentinel Transponder allows the transponder and the UAT to share a single antenna while a single point of entry for the squawk code prevents two different codes from being reported.

In normal operating mode, ADS-B transmits the aircraft position and altitude as well as vertical and horizontal velocity, GPS position and aircraft registration information. When squawking VFR, some users prefer to keep this information private; the UAT TSO allows the pilot to select Anonymous Mode, which is conveniently located on the front on the unit. The Sentinel will default out of Anonymous Mode automatically when a code other than VFR is squawked, and a message on the front of the unit will confirm that it has returned to normal operations.

Equipped with a sunlight readable OLED display and wireless capability, the STX 360 allows pilots to view traffic, METARs, and status on the built-in display and the option to monitor weather, traffic, and FIS-B on a wireless-capable tablet or mobile device. For a quick retrofit, this unit is designed to fit the legacy footprint of previously installed transponders.
  • Provides UAT ADS-B In and Out
  • Pilot selectable Anonymous Mode
  • Built-in Mode C transponder
  • Built-in diplexer allows for use of a single UAT/Transponder antenna
  • Enhanced visual acquisition traffic display
  • Displays METARs
  • Single entry for squawk code
  • Wireless iPad weather, traffic, and FIS-B
  • Fits existing transponder panel dimensions
  • Remote options

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