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American Aviator RESTOP-3P
RESTOP Disposable Travel Toilet- Pack of 3
Disposable travel toilet 3-pack for when restrooms aren't available.
Our Price: $7.97

Detailed Description

2 - pack. Great way to extend a trip. Easy for men and women. The RESTOP Disposable travel urinal utilizes gel technology to stabilize urine and makes disposal easy and convenient. Three bags included in each box. A must for airplane travelers.

The world's most portable disposable toilet. Its great insurance for those can't wait emergencies. Restop biodegradable filling absorbs and deodorizes urine on contact,urine is contained in a sturdy bag that wont leak and is splashproof.

RESTOP personal lavatory pouches are completely spill-proof,leak-proof and odorless. Absorbent crystals instantly turn liquids into an odorless gel,and the unique funnel inside the bag and one-way valve prevent accidental spills. After use urine is contained until ready to dispose of it in any trash container.

RESTOP is environmentally friendly. Completely portable bags are lightweight and small enough to fit in a backpack, purse or glove compartment. The RESTOP Disposable Travel Toilet has a special contoured top make it easy to use by men, women and children. Safe to dispose of in any trash container. (9' x 6"; 2 oz)

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