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McGraw-Hill TW065607-X
Weather Patterns & Phenomena
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A thorough update of the only guide to apply the full spectrum of weather effects to aircraft pilotage and flight. An understanding of weather is as critical to pilots as stick and rudder skills. No resource supplies a stronger how-to-knowledge of this often tricky proficiency than this now expanded bestseller. Turner provides matchless coverage of the causes and workings of weather conditions and apply weather data to actual flight. This classic features new insight into weather theory, reporting procedures, flying techniques, and technology-plus the latest on hazardous weather conditions, high-altitude and regional weather, and seasonal variations.

Chapters include:
Part 1: Weather Theory.
AirAir Masses.
The Atomosphere.
High-Altitude Weather.
Seasonal Variations.
Part 2: Aviation Weather Hazards.
Reduced Visibility.
Ice. Weather-Related Aircraft Accidents.
Part 3: Regional Weather.
Regional Weather Patterns.
Making the Go/No-Go Decision.
Sample Flights.
Part 5: Future Weather Reporting.
By: Turner, Thomas P.
ISBN: 007065607X
Pub. Date: 1999-05-31
Copyright: 1999

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