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Fastfind 220 PLB - CANADA
The FAST FIND 220 PLB, for use in Canada, is a simple, lightweight, and floatable distress beacon that comes with a buoyancy pouch
Our Price: $239.00

Detailed Description

The FAST FIND 220 PLB, for use in Canada, relies on the 406 MHz frequency to transmit the user's unique ID and precise GPS location to the global satellite network. Within minutes search and rescue services (SAR) are alerted and continue to receive regular position updates. Once within range, rescuers can then home in on the beacon's second signal, a 121.5 MHz transmission, and find the user.
  • Emits transmissions on the dedicated 406 MHz frequency and at 121.5 MHz for homing purposes; GPS equipped
  • In case of water landings, the unit is waterproof is to 30ft and comes with a buoyancy pouch allows the unit to float
  • SOS morse LED flash light
  • Safe stow antenna
  • No subscription required
  • For use in Canada, for American users, see Part# 91001-220A


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