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Weather Flying
Explains weather in a non-technical way, giving pilots useful understanding of weather and practical knowledge of how ot judge it and fly it. Covers weather psychology, en route weather changes, radar and how to use it, taking off in bad weather and more
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Winner of the Flight Safety Foundation's Publication Award; recommended by the FAA.
``One of the most worthwhile pieces of reading matter a pilot could own.''--AOPA Pilot. One of the world's most respected veterans of the cockpit gives you the benefit of his decades of experience flying weather--as a world-record holder, as a commercial pilot with tens of thousands of hours in the air. Weather Flying is regarded throughout the industry as the bible on the topic of weather flying: How to judge it before you take off, how to handle it when you're in the air, and how to decide when it would be saner to take those suitcases back to the hotel. Explaining clearly, with a practical eye to putting the information to use in the air, Buck tells you how to: cope with en route weather changes; fly turbulence and thunderstorms; get the most from your radar; deal with dangerous ice. When the most aviation accidents are due to bad or unforseen weather conditions, what you know can save your life and the lives of your passengers. Having Buck's Weather Flying at hand is the next best thing to having him in the right-hand seat.


  • About Some People.
  • Introduction.
  • Weather Flying.
  • A Little Theory for Weather Flying.
  • Some Thoughts on Checking Weather.
  • How to Check Weather.
  • Weather Information.
  • Checking Weather Details.
  • Checking Weather for the Route.
  • Equipment Needs for Weather Flying.
  • Temperature, an Important Part of Weather Flying.
  • Some Psychology of Weather Flying.
  • Turbulence and Flying It.
  • VFR Flying Weather Visually.
  • About Keeping Proficient Flying Instruments.
  • Thunderstorms and Flying Them.
  • Ice and Flying It.
  • Taking Off in Bad Weather.
  • Weather Flying En Route.
  • Landing in Bad Weather.
  • Teaching Yourself to Fly Weather.
  • Something on Judgment.

    Author Robert Buck ISBN: 007008761X
    Hardcover, 25 illus. , 304 pages.
    Pub date: September 1, 1997
    Copyright: 1998
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